Is this real gambling?

No, only our own fun money, is used over the gaming tables

How much fun money do we get?

We recommend about two hundred ‘fun’ pounds per person to ensure that everyone gets the chance to play! (Each gambling chip is worth £10)

How do you find the winner?

Towards the end of the evening, we will ask everyone to start returning their casino chips/fun money to the casino tables & the croupiers will find the winner/s with the most amount of money won

What prizes do people usually give?

There are no hard and fast rules where this is concerned, some clients give booby prizes whilst others may provide wine, champagne, chocolates, red letter day voucher

Can you get tables up stairs?

Yes, all of our tables have been specially adapted to ensure access to venues

How long does it take to set-up?

It usually takes approximately 30 minutes to set up two tables

What happens if people do not know how to play?

Your croupiers will guide your guests through each game, to ensure they get the most fun out of any casino game played

Can guests have a go at being the croupier?

This is fun entertainment; any guest wishing to try their hands at dealing will be encouraged and supported by the croupiers! Just have fun!

Fundraising – how does it Work?

There are two ways that you can choose from to organise a charity/fundraising event

We will charge you a set fee to provide casino entertainment for you and your guests. You can then charge your guests an entrance fee that covers some or all of the casino hire costs. You may wish to include a small denomination fun casino voucher that will entitle each guest to a few free casino chips to get them started. Once they have spent their free casino chips, they can then purchase more from one of your nominated members


We charge you a set fee to provide an evening of casino entertainment. Anyone that attends your event can purchase Fun Money Vouchers from one of your nominated members in exchange for casino chips at the gaming tables.
We will supply unlimited amount of ‘Fun Money’ in a variety of denominations, you can sell these for as high or low as you like. We recommend prizes to be awarded to the players with the most amount of casino chips at the end of the evening.

Fundraising ideas:

Ask local businesses or friends if they will donate prizes for the casino winners. If you end up with lots of prizes, you could auction them throughout the evening. Again, in return you can promote their company for their kind donation, with advertising aids such as, a brochure, logo or name on the entry ticket. Or the more traditional approach, thank you speech at the end of your evening.

At the beginning of the evening, you can invite people to buy Roulette numbers from the Roulette wheel (similar to buying raffle tickets). When the croupier does the first spin of the evening, the player with the winning number wins a prize or free ‘Fun Money Voucher’.

Important Information Regarding Charity Based Events & Fun Money

  • It is your responsibility to nominate a chosen member in the selling of Fun Money Vouchers
  • It is your responsibility to organise the sale of Fun Money Vouchers, we can not have any involvement in the handling of cash, only Fun Money can be exchanged at the gaming tables
  • We will charge the organiser a set fee for the hire of the entertainment & will not make any monetary gains from the money raised
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all monies raised after overheads have been met, is donated to your nominated cause
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that no cash prizes are awarded to the winners of the casino